PQ 2015 – About the Faculty – Festivals and international activities

W. Shakespeare: Sen noci svätojánskej, Ondrej Zachar


The Theatre Faculty organises the international biennial festival of theatre schools Istropolitana Project. The competitive festival compares and presents various theatre approaches used by the youngest generation of theatre makers. The productions show the achievements of theatre schools from all over the world. Since its inception, almost 100 theatre schools have participated in this festival.

The Theatre Faculty successfully presents its productions at numerous international student festivals.

PQ 2015 – Theatre faculty

Moliere: Tartuffe, Ján Ptačin


The Theatre Faculty enhances the development of the creativity of young theatre makers with the aim of creating a theatre performance and reflecting on it in a scientific and theoretical analysis.

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PQ 2015 – Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava



The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava is the oldest educational institution in Slovakia specialised in training students in the performing arts and artistic creation as well as arts management and production. Its three faculties (Music and Dance, Film and Television, THEATRE) provide theoretical and practical training in the performing arts and film. The school was founded in Bratislava in 1949.

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PQ 2015 – Introduction


When preparing the installation for Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, which held the place in June 2015 in Prague, we decided to inform all interested friends about the details of preparation per blogs posted on our website where we inform also about the current events at the Department of Scenography. At that time the website contains information only about current exhibitions, workshops, etc. Gradually, we complement the website of other useful information about the Department itself, about its history, teachers, the faculty, about the school…

Finally, we decided that, from the website information we will create printed catalogue, which would not only charted the rise and ultimately the success of our exposition at PQ (installation was nominated for a Gold Medal fot the Best Exposition in the Student section), but it could serve as information source to prospective students at the Theatre Faculty and the Department of Scenography and Puppetry.

“Diary” form of the blogs created for us a natural structure and especially the visual character of the catalogue. The visual is reduced to the necessary form, text is monolithic, made up of only one type and size, and the pictures are doing likewise. It was created by automatic application from http://www.blogbooker.com that transforms the webpage into the printed form. Therefore, we do not present any dazzling graphics “exhibitions”, we rather reduce the already simple forms and trying to capture the “AURA OF SCENOGRAPHY” as a unique and unrepeatable moment.

It is a record of the current state, which is in constant creative process. Ordering of particular blogs consecutively follows like they were mentioned respectively posted on the website (from oldest to newest). Therefore, we left the date and time of posting. But we sometimes change the order in the catalogue to have better logic. At the end of text blocks you will find links where you can see a short videos, making of, or read (note that there already is a necessary knowledge of Slovak :-) MA thesis of our graduates.


We wish you a pleasant reading, and if you were addressed by the catalogue, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Assoc. Prof. Jan KOCMAN